Saturday, January 19, 2013

Her & I: know her & I get her...

Hi guys! You may have wondered where in the heck I have been hiding lately.. 


I'm really excited to announce that just last week I launched a YouTube channel with a great friend of mine, Summer (who blogs over at LeMusings of Moi).

Our hearts will be exposed through this vlog, we hope to make you laugh and give you some awesome beauty, product and fashion tips. 

Mainly though, we hope that we can reach you in a deeper way through this channel. We want to encourage each of you in a unique way, no matter what season of life you are in.. We want to hear from you and encourage you on the journey that God has marked out for you..

We are all about the beauty that comes from vulnerability. It's through that same vulnerability that Summer and I established a great friendship. We hope we can be a safe place where you can come with your imperfections, in turn see ours and feel reassured that you are not alone, no matter how deep the struggle!

While our first few videos have been more light hearted our intentions are much deeper than makeup, clothes and shampoo.. (although like most girls we are all about those things too).

We can't wait to do life with you and build a community centered around girls who are imperfectly perfect. 

Subscribe and join us on this journey!!



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