Tuesday, December 28, 2010

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things......

  Every year around Christmas I watch Oprah’s favorite things show. During this time you can find me on the couch in my living room salivating all over myself, jumping up and down, screaming with the audience, high fiving and hugging my dog Nash, all to look around, remember where I am and cry. I don’t know how Oprah does it (okay I do and it’s called money lots and lots of money). It just so happens that I have decided to one up Oprah this year and give all of you a private jet just for following my new blog (it’s a make believe private jet, just go with it though) but since I am just as important as Oprah in the eyes of Jesus and my mother I have decided to unveil some my FAVORITE THINGS of 2010…You can have all of them as well, with the exception of my husband and daughter…
-A Pillow Pet Named Buggy- Those of you who know us pretty well know that Joya is obsessed w/ her pillow pet. It is a smaller version of the lady bug that she calls “Buggy”. Buggy is the source of all good things for this child. She needs him when she finds herself in new places, around new people, when she falls down etc. I love you buggy my life is easier because of your presence!

-          Slow Cooker- I love that I can put in yummy ingredients turn the knob to on and bada bing, I am multi-tasking the whole day. I can run the vacuum, play toys with Joya and run errands all while I am making dinner. Ahh the simple things in life.

-          Scrabble- Now that I have an I-phone, I get to play my grandma in words w/ grandparents, or friends as you might know it. It’s been a fun way to connect with her and others as well. My competitive side comes out, it gets me to curse sometimes and well it’s fun to show people that I got mad skillzzzzz.

-          Mashed Potato’s- Hello! Because they are awesome…

-          Destined To Reign- This book by Joseph Prince is so awesome at revealing God’s heart and love for you. It gives you a deep revelation on GRACE and is relevant to anyone and everyone! It has honestly changed my life.

-The Album Speak Now- Taylor Swift has mad writing skills, I turn to her for inspiration quite frequently actually. AND this girl has some (for lack of a better word)… balls! I love how she hands it to John Player I mean Mayer…Take that John! (Insert villain laugh here please)

-Fluffy blankets- Hello! Because they are awesome!

-Yoga pants- Not because I work out and do yoga a lot (Nicole), but because I eat a lot and they’re stretchy. Yoga pants (unlike my jeans) don’t remind me of the fro-yo I ate last night every time I put them on. They just serve their purpose of being pants and they don’t talk back to me!

These are a few of my favorite things J I know “things” don’t make you happy but I’d be lying if I said these weren’t happiness enhancers in the year 2010…Now I’m curious, what are you into these days?? Lets talk….

Joya&Buggy Halloween 2010