Thursday, October 25, 2012

Hubby Hijack! Happy Anniversary!!

Eight years ago I hung out with a guy who had the girlfriend of my dreams that caused me to stumble into a prickly Arizona bush the first time I saw her. She had the type of beauty I thought didn't even exist. I felt nervous just being within 100 feet of her and yet she didn't even know who I was. 

About a year passed before the first time we spoke. It was at a Wendy's condiment counter we were both going for the ketchup dispenser. I distinctly remember the moment because I felt like the guy in Just Friends after he does the jumping hug on the first day date.

As I approached the counter I felt like I was walking towards the light in slow motion as if actually approaching heaven. Not knowing what to say I went with something safe and standard like, "Hey, how are you?" I was pretty upbeat and suave yet the response I got was nothing more than one you would get passing a stranger in the mall. So I drank down the frog in my throat with a sip of Orange Soda and pasted together the remaining pieces of my heart with some french fries and a chocolate frosty. 

One year after that I was asked to sing at this church that this guy who had this insanely gorgeous girlfriend worked at. We drove down from Nevada and played the gig. After the show I had my back turned to an angelic voice that said, "Thanks for coming, you guys did good." When I turned around it was like everything went into slow motion again because it was the girl of incomprehensible beauty talking to me. I picked my jaw off the ground and responded with a squeaky 13 year old voice then started coughing abruptly. Not best moment but recovered at lunch with a not so interesting conversation about chicken wings...

...Somehow combined it made a good enough impact.

Another year passed and I received a message on this little website called myspace titled, “Chicken Wing Girl”. This little message was like a dream come true for any single guy on myspace and it began the dialogue of what would eventually become a great friendship that took six months to get to officially dating, then took an immediate leap into engagement after about 3 months.

We have now been married for 5 years and have a life together that is the essence of my being. I now have two dream girls that are the most beautiful people on the planet one of course being my wife, and the other is the one crawling all over me right now begging to be tickled and laughing the best laugh in the world.

To my wife:

You are incredible. You are smart, gifted, talented, and beautiful. I can’t even put in words how much I love you. Thank you for coming into my life and giving me the best five years I have ever experienced. You are the single greatest thing that has ever happened to me. Happy Anniversary!!!!

Your Hubby,


Monday, August 20, 2012

Leaps Of Faith...

"He changes times, and seasons..."- Daniel 2:21

Changes, changes, changes! This life, or at least mine has been so full of them, that I find it almost comical. I am however grateful that they remind me of the one and only thing that does not change. Jesus.. which makes all the circumstantial changes bearable..

That being said, 10 days from now we are packing up our lives here in Gilbert, AZ and moving to Carlsbad, CA. I would just like to give God major props bc he picked just the right place to put us, for our liking. (Psalm 37:4 "Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart!")

But just because Cali has always been somewhere I'd like to call home, that doesn't mean there aren't obstacles, insecurities and all of the like that come along with this move. It's definitely a huge leap of faith for us, but we feel God there beckoning us forward. So although logistically staying put here would seem the safe bet, we are taking a risk. All we know for sure is, if God is in it, it's a risk worth taking.

I remember as Tai and I were praying about this decision he asked me if I had peace about accepting the position with Daybreak Church. The first thing out of my mouth was, "I know that I have NO peace in my heart to forgo the offer." In that moment I knew we had to go, step out and trust God. Also in that moment, I was flooded with several different emotions. Fear, insecurity, excitement, anxiousness, one second praising God, the next second questioning.. And while sleeping on it remaining in prayer.. that really amazing, profound, peace came along side of me that was unmistakable and its reigned in my heart for the days that have followed now.

Perfect peace that surpasses reason. The perfect peace of God.

And so here we are packing up, 10 days out from a new chapter. Excited, nervous, but mostly excited. Expecting God to show up and meet our every need according to His riches and Glory! (Phil.4:19)

Really amped to share the testimonies that follow!!

Pray for us!

California here we come!!


Have you ever stepped out in faith & obedience and watched God sort out all of the details?! I wanna hear! Let's chat about that!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Crazy Saturday Nights..

This is just about the craziest Saturday night that I have had in a long while. It had to be documented!

These are what you call temporary lip tattoo's.. It's supposed to look like leopard print, but on me I think it comes off as having lip fungus... That's my cute friend Lisa below. We have been pulling these types of shenanigans for quite some time..
One facebook friend reminded me of an example..
We used to work at a church together Lisa and I. Sometimes we would attempt fasting together.. needless to say, we got creative, and made up our own fasting rules.

Some are as follows:

1. Ice cream is allowed bc really, it is the same thing as juice since it's just really sugary milk once it melts in your mouth..

2. You can chew any food you want, but you just can't swallow it.. What does that mean? Chew up that double double and well..spit it out! (So gross, yet so creative)! We may not have survived 3 day fasts w/ out such rules.

Anyways, excuse my little tangent.. this is supposed to be a blog about lip tattoo's.. These are from a company called Violent Lips. Pretty fun if you wanna go all out in da' club.. or even if you (like us) just wanted to sit at home watching tivo looking extra saucy!! Either way.. this is for you!

What did you do this Saturday my friends??!

Friday, August 17, 2012

If you really knew me...

If you really knew me...

If you really knew me, you would know that I can't go to bed with a dirty kitchen, ever.

You would know how I've always walked on my tip toes since I was a little girl, and that my daughter Joya has carried this  tradition on. :)

I'd tell you how my mind is easily plagued by the what if's in life, and that I am gradually learning that life was intended to be lived one day at a time.. (one moment at a time for that matter..)

You'd know that I am a firm believer in laughing at yourself, and NEVER taking yourself or this life too seriously. Being able to make fun of myself is a strong point.. It's gotta be when you have the blonde moments I do, right?!

I would tell you how these past few years of my life have been the most trying, but that I am forever grateful for how the tests have molded me into a more compassionate and resilient person..

You would know that I hate (as in despise) onions.

That my biggest weaknesses have to do with cheese and chocolate..and how my perfect Friday night is at home with my family watching House Hunters International in my pajamas.

You'd see my insecurities because I'm an open book and find beauty in vulnerability.

And if you were in my head right now, all you would hear is "WeeEEE are NEVER EVER EVER GETTING BACK TOGETHER!" <3 T. Swift for that one. Really hope her album isn't all super poppy. (sorry just had to get that off my chest.. I feel better now)

Now what I really wanna know is your list of things...
Link em' up buttercup!


Monday, July 30, 2012

Unedited Monday Thoughts...

Here's a compilation of my thoughts over the past few days:

I really want need some lululemon pants. Tried a few (hundred) pairs on over the weekend and now I know what I have been missing out on all this time. My apologies to our bank account.

We are FINALLY getting a little vaca time in this Summer after all!! Carlsbad here we come! Counting down the days, minutes, seconds until Aug 8!

It's been really rainy here, which I LOVE. It's one of the best most monsoony (can that pass as a word?) Summers I have experienced in all of my 9 years in AZ. Loving. It.

While cleaning out my closet I have noticed that 1. I need to clean it out a lot more often and 2. I own a lot of the same style of lace tops. Do you ever buy the same piece over and over w/ out realizing it? Or do I just have issues?! One thing is for sure, I am a sucker for lace.

Other thoughts that need no explanation are as follows:




I need a pedicure.

Also, Is this not the cutest picture you ever did see? We got caught in the rain after eating some delicious pizza from Grimaldi's with our friends the other night..

Happy Monday to all!



Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Lets Catch Up!

I have been an absent blogger for nearly 2 whole months! Where does the time go people??!

We have been having a great (although very VERY hot) Summer. We've been hanging out with our church's youth groups (Jr.High & HighSchool) visiting water parks, having some crayyyzee parties that also involve drenching one another in water.. Right now in AZ you can choose being inside in the AC or being outside submerged in water, somehow someway. Anyways, hanging with the youth and sharing Jesus has been AMAZING. Even better than I had even anticipated.

Then there is our little Princess girl Joya, who last Monday turned 3! This has stirred up quite a bit of emotion. Our baby is not really a baby anymore, and she is sure to remind me of this daily. "Hey mom I am 3 now, I am not your baby anymore...silly mommy huh?!" She keeps us as putty in her hands and makes us laugh really hard while she's at it. We were driving home just the other night, when I looked back to see her face full of contemplation.. "Mom, when I was a baby in your tummy, I pooped in there right?!" Seriously, she was really authentically curious. And now this topic of conversation is one that she likes to bring up frequently. Such a deep thinker that little Joya.

As for us, a few months ago I wrote about some repositioning God was doing, and the resistance on my part during the process. I remember praying and praying for the day where things would look how I see them to be ideal or "normal" (whatever that means). During this time I am so thankful to have caught revelation that sometimes, when things go awry God is simply reminding us of our consistant need for Him on a daily basis. When I am weak, then I am strong! In these times our full reliance on Him positions us for breakthrough after breakthrough. And because of that, I wouldn't trade any hardship I (or we as a family) have endured. God is faithful through it all, and we are blessed!

Hope you guys are having a great Summer!! I hope to be posting a heck of a lot more than once every other month..


Saturday, May 19, 2012

what's in my purse?

I feel naked without my purse. It's a total survival kit for the world that awaits me the minute I step out the door. I'm sure most girls feel me on this one.

Today, I'm going to show you what I carry with me on the go.. ;)


Don't judge me for my really old & ugly coin purse. It's old and ugly. I already said that, but it's worth repeating. Just appreciate that I keep it real around these parts. ;)

So, as you can see I like to make sure my lips will be nice and glossy out in the wilderness. My favorite gloss I have ever had in my purse is that pink one above that says O-GLOSS. It's by Smashbox & it makes your lips the most perfect shade of pink ever. We also have Burts Bees chap stick bc it's oh so soothing, a Clinique lip gloss in 04 Sunset for a really pretty gold lip. Last but not least in the round tube is Korres Lip Butter in Plum bc sometimes I like having purpley-ish lips that feel like butter. You would like it too, I'm almost positive.

Also, I keep mascara w/ me on almost all occasions. The one pictured is called BAD gal lash. It was a gift from Sephora's customer reward program. How sweet.

Sunglasses. A must for an AZ girl. I am in love with my Kate Spade Cat Eye glasses, but I am a sucker for aviators. The ones pictured are from Francesca's and were $14 which makes me like them all the more!

Now I should mention I take my keys with me bc where could I go w/o them?!  I like to have my Bible on hand so that is usually in there as well.

What else??

Headphones for my phone.
A hair tie.
& a pen.

The only thing not pictured is my iphone bc that's what I am currently using to take pictures.. My cute little Joya kidnapped my camera and now, it's just a little bit broken.

So what's in your purse these days??! I have to know!

Monday, May 7, 2012

when you stop & take a look.

When you stop & take a look.. you might just realize you are in the midst of this beautiful thing called life.

Get caught up in each moment, because it's short & sweet.

Love to you!


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Thing About Your 20's...

When I was in my teens envisioning my 20's, I sort of envisioned days spent at Central Perk with my good friend Phoebe or something. We'd have glamourous jobs that we got paid a ton of money to do, that didn't require much time away from the company of our friends, or the coffee shop. 

When I wasn't entertaining that vision, I was entertaining one of being married with kids. Surely, we would have at least 3 by the time I reached 26. We would buy a 5 bedroom house that sat on a lot of land in the perfect family oriented community accompanied by large shady trees and white picket fences. I would drive my dream mommy car. My husband's job was fancy, and he loved it. In my vision he comes home every night singing because his day was just amazing. We would take family mission trips annually to wherever we felt led by the Lord. When I wasn't attending dance recitals and soccer games, or out working hard in the missions field of course, I would be a writer for some sort of popular publication. I love my job because I do what I love, the pay is great and I work from home.

The hard thing about your 20's is letting go of all the things you envisioned and letting God write the story that he has envisioned. The reality of it all is, rarely in your 20's do you have it all figured out and your still finding your stride in this thing called life. 

I've asked around and have been told by people whose opinions I value immensely that their 20's were some of their most trying times. As they got older and wiser life actually became better. They found they were ridded of insecurities concerning the opinions of others, comparing lives etc. They became more rooted in thier communities, and they became more financially established.

Right about now all of these things sound lovely. As we find ourselves in a quarter life crisis of another transition period in finances etc- We are smack dab in the middle of the growing pains that are sometimes accompanied by your 20's and Phoebe and the coffee house are nowhere in sight! 

Instead God has put us on this journey. A path that only he knows the glory to follow. I am excited about this path, even when it scares the holy guacamole out of me. I wouldn't have it any other way.  I am so thankful that He is the answer to our every question & insecurity. Without him the rest of my 20's might be spent in our local and loco looney bin.  You think I am kidding don't you?! 

Looking forward to fine lines & wrinkles!
Yours truly,

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Weird Phobia Wednesdays

Most of you have safely assumed I'm a strange bird by now. I think it's time I share some more of my quirks just to validate your assumptions. 

Quirk #512- I have weird phobias.. 

Today's weird phobia you ask...books that are most commonly referred to as "library books".

Why do I possess such a ridiculous phobia?
Well, there just so happens to be a place some people aka EVERYONE take most books they are currently reading.. The place I speak of would in fact be, the toilet. 

Don't look like a deer caught in the headlights. Take a deep breath and 'fess up.

I know you hold books while you poop on the toilet. I also happen to know you hold them even as you flush the toilet. This creates airborne feces that land all over your precious poo books.

So, please forgive me if I'm not exactly jumping at the idea of going down to the Gilbert Public Library to grab that feces infested copy of The Hunger Games you were telling me about. Why don't I just eat some raw ground beef and contract ecoli way?

 I do love the smell of a good book fresh from the toilet oops, I mean the library.. Do you catch my whiff or I mean drift?
Library books= poo books= Go to Barnes & Noble be the first and only one to accompany your book to the porcelain throne.


PS- Do you have any weird phobias that you want to share! I'd love to have you guest post!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Little Things...

I Must say, I love to talk life over tea. Today, if you happened to stop by to chat it up, I would make you try this certain kind of tea I am currently obsessed with.

I really like sharing the things I love, this tea would make no exception. If I love something, you will know about it and I will beg you to try it so I have someone to share my enthusiasm with..  So like it or not you are drinking my black pineapple tea today. You got it?! (Jk- a little...)

I like to think I'm decent at holding a conversation. A good time with people you share life with doesn't have to purely rely on the ability to keep talking though, in fact I really appreciate the people I can have comfortable silences with. I hate awkward silences, but I love a good un-awkward silence. In my eyes, it shows a sense of maturity in relationships..What do you think?? (Let's reflect on this point by having a not so awkward silence together.... that was nice)

We would talk about this past weekend, and how Joya hosted her first little slumber party. They slept in sleeping bags on her bedroom floor, and watched Snow White. It had to be one of the cutest things ever when I had to interrupt their giggle fest to tell them to go to sleep! I remember like yesterday my mom having to come in and say that to my friends and I. I've said it before, but it's worth repeating..Time flies.

I might have to know what you think about my new make up look..since it hasn't really changed much since senior year of High School (which happens to have been nearly 10 years ago!) I am the Crypt keeper, I know...
I like to call it, winged liner or the cat eye look... you might not think it's a big deal but let me assure is to me.
Do you see the little wing action? It's subtle, but it's there!
Which brings me to my next thing I think you should try, especially if your hands get all shakey from your caffeine intake like mine do. It might just be the most easy peasy liquid eyeliner there ever was. It's called Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner (pictured below). It's the best 7 bucks I've spent in awhile.

So, what are you into these days?


Monday, April 9, 2012

Dear Joya

Dear Joya,

For the past hour or so I have been listening to the many songs you have come up with while falling to sleep. You are quite the lyricist these days. Keep cranking them out bc your dad and I just so happen to adore the many songs you serenade us with throughout the day. My favorite is still: "When I start crying..I feel like a baby!!" Just so classic.

You will be 3 in July, and I can't believe how time really does fly. You have enriched our lives in so many ways. I know that you are growing up more and more because now when your daddy and I stare at you after we're all done tucking you in at night you look up at us and say things like, "This is getting weird, you can go now." (true story). The truth is you will probably catch us staring at you while you sleep into your teenage years, because we are just so incredibly enamored with the love we have for you.

You have a passion for life that so many envy. You find so much joy in the little things, examples being buckets and shovels from the dollar store, and play dough. Pretty soon I'm sure you will inherit your mommy's love for shopping, so I am savoring every smile those dollar sand toys bring to your cute little face. 

For as long as you have been talking, you have wanted to be a drummer. Your dad and I will always do our best to help you accomplish your deepest desires..even if it means a really noisy house accompanied by migraine headaches :)

I honestly can't even remember what life was like before having you. I hope you know how much I adore you and love you.. I hope you know that you have helped reveal to me the kind of love God possesses for us all. A kind of love where you would willingly lay down your life for the benefit of another. The kind of love that keeps you awake at night interceding & praying for God's protection and provision for your precious little life. 

One of my many desires for you is that from a young age you would know who you are in Jesus, and let that truth mold your life. 

I know I am imperfect and will fail you at times, but I hope you see my heart and intentions and I pray that what I can't give you that you receive from Jesus. 

I love you with all of my heart.



The past month, my husband and I have been seeking the Lord on so many different levels.

My husband, (after lots of prayer and provision from God) decided to leave his full time job and actively persue full time ministry.

Following through with what God has placed in our hearts to do has been tough. We have had to press into Him more than ever before, but there is this consistent peace among the unknown. In the deepest part of our hearts we truly know all we need to know, we know He has us right where he wants us..

We are in a powerful place. A place where we are in full reliance of Him meeting our every need according to his riches & glory... a place of faith where he is able to do exceedingly and abundantly more than we could ever ask think or imagine.. 

Our flesh has definitely had its moments in this transition. There have been tears, anxiety, times of doubt, stressed out moments where I actually pull my pillow to my face and scream... Times where I don't even bother to grab the dang pillow and just scream anyway.. not our most becoming moments, to be real with you..


When we take the time to get with God, and really just be still in his prescence, the peace is all consuming.

And this peace that we are overwhelmed by, just happens to be exactly what we need to act in accordance with Proverbs 3:5-6 that says..

Trust in the Lord with all your heart
and lean not on your own understanding;
in all your ways acknowledge him,
and he will make your paths straight.

Now I have to ask.. Has God laid something on your heart lately that might require stepping out of your comfort zone?

If so, I pray that nothing would hold you back.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Dog days are over. For now at least..

Today we shipped our dog to Florida to move to his new home. 
Now before you think I'm a heartless dog hater.. Let me explain.
Nash was our baby..

-Nash as just a baby yoda...and me
Note: I do have clothes on just wearing a tube top!-

until we actually had a real baby.

Then Mr.Nash became a dog. A dog who started to act out a little here and there. 

In the past year, we had noticed that he was starting to become more aggravated with the little ones around. Which in turn made me more aggravated with him. He began snapping at Joya's little friends here and there. One night he bit Joya's bestie Gwyn on the hand it wasn't just a snip it was a bite broken skin and all. My heart sank. My husband and I knew in that moment, what we had to do. It was a long time coming actually.

Nash is a dog meant for adults, and in our pre-parent days we didn't really think to consider what kind of dog would be best suited for young kids. It's just one of those hind sight is 20/20 deals that we all experience in this journey through out life. 

So our dog days are over, for at least another year or two. But around this blog I'm famous for eating my words. So don't quote me on that one.. :)However I can promise that the next dog will be from one of the kid friendliest breeds known to man.

our last night walk w/ Nash

We know that his quality of life will be much better and that the littles God has entrusted to us won't have to be worry about dog bites.. So at the end of the day, its a win/win..

Did you ever have to part with a pet??
Lets chat ;)

Friday, March 16, 2012

Outfit Envy

I subscribe to a lot of blogs whose authors just so happen to be a million times more skilled at putting together some ahh-mazing outfits. So it's pretty safe to say I am suffering from outfit envy on a pretty consistent basis. 

BUT today the girl who I wanted to be dressed like was my 2 year old cutie Joya. 

I might have opted out of the hello kitty purse option considering my age..

I mean really who is her stylist? ;)  

What my precious J is wearing
Top: Target
Skirt w/ leggings- Target
Purse: H&M
Gladiator Sandals: Carters (gift)
Cute barrett: Auntie Nicole @BetterHalfMommy

Thursday, March 8, 2012

the desire to create..

(Disclaimer: this blog is sort of mushy..I don't do mushy very well, but uhm..just read it anyway..okay?!)

I know in each of us that God has put the passion and need to create. As I sit typing I can't help but to feel more fulfilled as every word I type is creating this little blog post we have here.

Being a stay at home mom has been a blessing to me in so many ways. I cannot express them all in one post alone, but it has taught me sacrifice. I can still take on the world with this desire at hand to create, but under certain stipulations. That's why there is so much passion behind this blog. It is an outlet that I have to create during the season that I find myself in. 

For example, Today has been full of puddles of pee.. Due to the fact that it's Miss Joya's first day of big girl undies.. I had to wonder why she peed all over the living room floor while watching the Super Readers this morning. She just looked at me (oh so matter of factly) stating "Well I thought I had my pull up on!!?"..(hands in a question gesture) Like, duh mom why else would I put myself in this puddle of gross? 

Anyways this blog is my connection to other mamas that are experiencing similar things. Whether it be cleaning up puddles of urine, to suffering from panic/anxiety disorders, to finding faith and hearing God in the middle of life's trying times. To the little things like finding just the right outfit for that special date night etc-..

 I am so utterly thankful that God has fulfilled so many things through this little blog of mine. From my need to create to my need to relate...(so cheesy I just rhymed, I know.)

Anyways I just had to share my gratitude for each of you that take the time to hear my heart through this blog. It means more than you will EVER know. You rock the partayy.

 Thank you! (side hug)


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I failed miserably! thank u for asking..

Okay okay! A couple people have asked about how I did with my 21 day no Starbucks challenge. Let me go ahead and answer that little question: I FAILED MISERABLY!

My blog's headline says that you will see the good, the bad and the awkward. I think that starting a rally encouraging my readers to give up one of their vices for 21 days declaring, YOU CAN DO IT! And in turn lasting only 7 of my 21 days of no Starbucks is majorly awkward.. I was maybe going to forego posting a follow up, but you just had to ask didn't you?!! 

First let me just say, I have my reasons and philosophies behind the failure at hand!! I'm convinced there is something that place puts in their drinks..something more powerful than caffeine. It's a mystery to me as to why no matter what replica morning tea I drink I will have a headache around 2pm if the tea cup does not sport a green circle w/ a mystical looking lady on it. 

Anyways, I know excuses, excuses. Bottom line is I awkwardly failed... 


Monday, March 5, 2012

obsessed. spring trends 2012

Although my budget might not permit me to rock all these cute new Spring trends, it doesn't mean I won't adore and be completely jelly of all those who do. 

It also does not mean that I won't go peruse many sale racks and maybe even a thrift store or two, to make all of my many Spring wardrobe desires manifest themselves in my closet. Where there is a will, there most definitely is a way right?!

Anyways, I am shamelessly drooling all over these Spring trends. As in, I'm salivating like one of Pavlov's dogs at the mention of any of the following. It's becoming a slobbery mess around these parts.For reals.

Okay maybe I am exaggerating a little, but not much...

Pictures below courtesy of pinterest (the best website ever btw)

style swoon #1: The floppy hat

style swoon #2: All things mint

style swoon #3:High-low hems

style swoon #4: pastel pleated skirts (so chic)
(I know pleated has been in for a while, BUT I'm loving pastel pleated appareal a little too much for Spring!)

style swoon #5: all things polka dot... really anything.

style swoon #6: effortlessly chic hair. hello top knots!

style swoon #7: vintage inspired swimwear.

Let's just call this segment one of my Spring Style Craves..Bc I have my eye on some other trends that I know you're going to take a liking to as well.

I need to know..what is on your "must wear" list for Spring?!