Sunday, November 13, 2011

Mommy Confessions

Have you ever thought to yourself, surely I must be the only mom who has ever felt this way... Or if any other mom knew I just did that, I wouldn't be invited to play group next week..Well I'm here to tell you that you're probably not alone.

I used to think I was a mommy reject with all of my quirks, until I got a little more open with some other mommas out there and then realized, Okay I am pretty normal. Well kind of. 

For example my daughter Joya and I color together a lot, well sometimes she likes to reach over to my picture and give it her own little personal touch..cute right? Some might think so, not me..nope not at all. I think I must be harboring some type of resentment from kindergarten or something... I mean this innocent little gesture irritates me like nothing else. Of course I smile and kindly direct her little hand back onto her paper (geez little girl don't waste my flavor)..but anyways I remember thinking I was nuts for this until I met my friend Alexa who also has a daughter Joya's age, and guess what the same thing drives her nuts!  I then mentioned it to my mom and what do you know..I used to drive her nuts the same way, ahh the memories.

Ok a couple more weird mom things I am guilty of:
1.eggos for dinner
2.Not liking the park (don't write me hate mail)
3.Bribing obedience w/ candy in public settings..
4.Telling her that when it rains Jesus is crying bc you were naughty. (totally kidding on that one)

 Okay now 'fess know you serve eggos for dinner sometimes..

Monday, November 7, 2011

i'm turning into my mother.

I've heard it said before that there's a certain defining moment when you know for sure, that you are becoming your mother.

In this case my defining moment would have to be the really randomly awesome songs I make up while cleaning the house as of late. They usually go something like this.

"Hey Laund-da-rey you're a cleaning mystery. I will invent disposable clothes (that r recycle friendly) and then you'll be history.."

Okay don't judge me or my mom.. we just sing about everything we do. It's genetic. My grandma does it too.

Also I have become quite the water advocate. My mom always says "You don't want to be a wilted flower!" and now anytime anyone is complaining about a headache, hangnail etc-- I know the answer!

"You're dehydrated and need to drink 8 large glasses of water a day! That will fix your hangnail issues I'm sure..."

Not to mention that you need more fiber in your diet!... and sugar is the devil!! (even though we eat a lot of it, we still claim it to be as we say, not as we do..)

Anyways here is my cute mom that I am slowly but surely morphing into...

Saturday, October 15, 2011

what i wore.

The cardigan was not neccessary at. all. Arizona still refuses to give us a little season called Fall. However, I'm just going to pretend that there's a little chill in the air. :) I Can't wait to bundle up tomorrow scarf and all and head out to the 99 degree weather. Hoooray!

 cardi: f21, top: f21, jeans: f21, necklace: francescas collections,
shoes: steve madden

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Vegas Baby! Tell All Trip :)

My really cute Aunt Mary June or as I like to call her "MJ" is turning 60 this month! This is her below.. she seriously gets prettier every year and I can only dream to look this good at 60!

MJ had absolutely no idea when her daughter/my cousin Kelli picked her up on Friday morning that Vegas was the destination, or that about 6 other girls were coming along! She was so touched and as soon as she saw all of us the tears came running.

 The best most memorable birthdays are the ones where we are reminded how much we are valued and loved.

Anyways one thing I learned in Vegas was that I'm glad I don't live there. I actually liked it a lot, maybe even too much. So much that I nearly lost all of my mula as I kept handing the lady at the war table 20 after 20. All to leave that table w/ 15 dollars left. Dang it! The War table in my opinion was rigged... (Can you believe they even have an actual War table?? Perfect for the newbies like myself.)

The last time I gambled was... oh lets say 4 years ago in Tahoe, and I won $200 bucks at Black Jack so I took my $15 bucks and headed over to Black Jack and I won all of my money back and ended that night up 60 bucks! Woo hoo!! Praise.The. Lord
We ended the night w/ some oreo frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity. Lets just say it was soooo sweet I only took like 3 sips and had a major sugar overload. That stuff is diabetes in a cup. No lie. But we had to see what all the fuss was about!

I loved this trip. I feel so blessed to be in a family of girls who are so fun and easy going. We had so many good belly laughs. Can't wait until the next milestone Birthday!

Monday, September 26, 2011

What about #2?

No no not that kind of number 2, although conversations about such a thing could be entertaining in a gross sort of way I guess....but in this particular case I am talking about baby number 2.
(Joya 8 months)

Now more than ever, I am getting a lot of questions about when we will add cute baby numero dos to the clan?

Answer: I have no idea yet...

If I'm being honest and raw like I vow to be in all of my blogs, I am really scared of going through postpartum depression again (you can read about that experience here).More than anything I am terrified of Joya seeing me go through something so terrible. She picks up on things now and I don't know that I could allow her to witness something like that.

As a momma you set the temperment of the home, if momma isn't happy well nobodies too happy. And thats the truth.

Last time it was hard enough on my husband. He had to wake up with me multiple times during the night to help me through horrible panic attacks, practically had to drag me out of bed every morning then go to work and come home to crying spells (mine, not Joya's, yikes! I know)...Do I want to chance putting Joya and him through that again? Absolutely Not! Do I want to put myself through that again? Not at all! The thought of it is actually terrifying BUT...

Even as I write and remember these things, I can hear God's voice whispering Prov. 3:5-6 where it clearly states..

Trust in the Lord with all your <3 and lean NOT on your own understanding. In all your ways submit to him and he will make your path straight.

Lean not on your own understanding? That's hard to do when you analyze things the way I do. I want everything to make sense. Don't you?

The fact of the matter is, I can't give into the fear. The "what if". My faith has to be BIGGER than my fear! I know this in my spirit, but my flesh wrestles with it a lot.

All I know is it's a desire of both my husband and I's to have one more. And if God is willing, then we will and he will be there right next to me no matter what is thown my way. At the end of the day that is all I need to know..



Thursday, September 15, 2011

Pinterest Addiction

Is time you have enjoyed wasting really wasted time? If it is then I think I'm in trouble. Because ever since I found Pinterest I guess you could say I've been wasting a teensy bit of time pinning away at things that I probably or definitely can't afford (like Chanel bags) and other things that I am not crafty enough to make..

Here are some of my fave finds cause I know you care so much! :)

above: swoon worthy closet

vintage Chanel

Love this look for Fall..

Mummy Pumpkin :)

Suitcase night stand..

And there is plenty more where that came from. If you're into DIY projects, interior design, organizational ideas or fashion you'll love this site! Happy Pinning!!


Friday, September 9, 2011

Bed Time Routine

I just realized the other night as I was putting my daughter to bed that the whole process was kinda comical.

This little chica has us SO wrapped around her finger in so many ways, it makes me laugh. Baby Wise, Super Nanny, etc would probably not approve of our bed time routine. In which my daughter has numerous requests that are met by yours truly :)
Here is how it usually goes:

Bath Time
Brush Teeth
Read Books

Then in her crib she goes, and this is where the requests start.. I'll give you the short version since I am an advocate of utilizing my blog readers time wisely.. :)

Joya says "Mommy cover me up!"  I put her blanket on her... "No the other way!" I turn the blanket on its other side and she is now content.

"Sing me twinkle twinkle!" I do and before I even get to the end she interrupts "Now sing me patty cake!" I continue "Okay, patty cake patty cake..." She interjects just as the song is ending, "Sing me Jesus loves me" Aye Aye Captain! "Jesus loves me this I know..." 

"Say my prayers!" I go on to pray over our family and then she pipes up  "Pray for MoMo's coffee, Papas coffee and Meme's coffee!" Okay I go on "Lord please bless all the coffee... okay sweet girl, good night! I love you!" I head to turn on the fan and off the lights when she pops up from her perfectly tucked in state. " Mommy nose kisses" I walk back and do our nose kisses (favorite part of the process). "Okay now cover me back up!" I cover her up and wait.. "No the other way!" I turn the blanket (that is the same on both sides) over and she is happy!

I'm actually quite curious as to where I would draw the line. If it were me and I wanted to test my moms limits I'd probably start asking her to jump up and down on one foot, do a cartwheel etc..who knows I just might oblige for the cutest girl IN.THE.WORLD!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Birthday Wish List!!!

So my Birthday is coming up. Yep, September 3rd I will be 26 years old. I am applying my wrinkle cream and spf daily just in case you were wondering...

My husband keeps asking me things like, "So what do you really want for your bday?" When in all actuality the question should probably be, What don't I want? I think I name like five different things every day that I've had my eye on!

I really try my hardest to avoid being materialistic, but during Joya's nap time you might just find me online shopping. Maybe more like online window shopping, cause the truth is I RARELY purchase anything via the internet. I usually just add it to my shopping cart and that gives me just the adrenaline rush I need apparently..
Anyhow, I thought I would show you some of my Birthday present prospects and maybe you can help me decide (I'm horrible w/ decisions btw..)

Take a looksie won't ya?!

From top left corner we have:

World Market's Coffee Victoria Chaise Lounge
Anthropologie's Molten Blouse
Michael Kors Tortoise Cat eye glasses
Lucky Brand cross body bag
Gap 1969 curvy jeans
Classic Black Blazer
Amazon Kindle
Toms Tweed Wedges

I know I didn't hold back on that list. Sad to think that's the short version. I'm like a bratty little kid on Santa's lap!

Truth be told I would be more than okay with dinner, a good conversation followed by a laugh out loud kind of movie...and maybe a back massage ;)

Thanks for reading my loves!!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Masterpiece: Featured by The Wiegands!

Today I'm SO blessed to be featured over here!!! Casey Wiegands blog is my absolute favorite! Just go check it out and you'll see why! 

I wish she lived closer so we could do all the stuff girls do together like shop and eat.. and maybe she could teach me to paint or draw something besides this frog that people always mistake for a cloud w/ a face... anyways..

I am SO passionate about women understanding their value! I am constantly reminded and inspired by the value we possess as women through the passage of Proverbs 31.Hope you all had a great weekend! You are worth more than you could ever comprehend!
God bless!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Dear Arizona.

Dear Arizona,

This Summer I feel like I am 50 years old living in one GIANT hot flash. So if you could just tone it down with the blazing heat it would be greatly appreciated.

 September is on its way, and that's usually about the time a little season called FALL arrives, you should try it sometime. Its a time of cute boots, cardigans and hot chocolate. Temps should average 60-70 highs (ideally anyways). Last year you vetoed Fall, deciding it should be 90 degrees on almost all occasions. Did you not get the memo?!

Sorry for the criticism. I actually really like you from about the middle of November til about April/May. And I know not every State can be perfect. But you my friend just need to chill a little lot. K? Thanks!


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Last Night.

We ate ice cream at Rockin Robyn
& enjoyed a GORGEOUS Arizona sunset.

It's most definitely the little things in life that make it SO stinkin' GOOD!

Road Trippin'

My very cute and fashionable friend Amanda is road trippin' it to Nashville.

Amanda hosts one of my favorite blogs Pretty Little Things .I feel privileged because I will be hijacking it today!! I'll be yapping about what I think constitutes a successful road trip experience.Go check it out!

This is Amanda. Isn't she stinkin cute?!
You can't help but love her! You'll see why..and **warning** You will be jealous of her closet.

Happy Reading to you!!


Sunday, August 14, 2011

Dear 16 Year Old Sarah...

Dear 16 Year Old Sarah,

Where do I start? I mean, how do you get through to a girl who thinks she has it all figured out?

You are a dreamer. The only problem is you do most of your dreaming in class when you really should be listening!

You really don't care much for studying. In fact, the new Fijian exchange student boy does ALL of your algebra homework for you. Later on you'll really wish that you had realized the value of applying yourself academically and putting in the hard work to get what you want.

Your biggest interest is your High School boyfriend who will unfortunately give you your first taste of a  broken heart. It will get broken again but don't cry too much, the hurt will cause you to find true strength and acceptance in God not man. Soon enough you will meet your husband who is more than what you could have ever prayed for. His name is Tai, he loves you unconditionally and he is a HOTTIE!

-Don't use curse words, they aren't becoming at all.
-Listen more than you speak.
-Money in fact,does not grow on trees!
-Be nicer to your mom! One day you'll be older too and won't wanna hear how "embarrassing" you are ALL.THE.TIME. Cherish her. She is an amazing lady.
-Don't pout when your dad pulls up in your Mercury Sable on your 16th bday. Be grateful. Hug him and say thank you.
-Don't be so concerned with being liked. Defend what you believe.
- Abercrombie & Fitch is not the only place to buy clothes.
- Do not use Sun In.
- Do not go tanning everyday!
- Speak with confidence..
-Seek out the good in everyone you meet.
-Take more risks.
- Sign up for track.

When you're 25 you'll still remember the notebooks you filled up with a good friend writing back and forth  through out the entire school year..filling the pages with your dreams, desires and all the details of the current status of you and your already taken crush.

You'll look back and realize how naive you were about the world and all the things in it. You lived in Disney Land back in those days, and how you wish you could go back- ignorance is most definitely bliss...

You'll remember all the times you cried over the mean things girls do to eachother, but on the same note you'll also remember all the laughs you had with those very same girls. Like the times you would dance like crazy all around your friend Emily's room and watch scary movies in her attic....

You'll miss your old house, the one with the huge porch, big pond and pool you were so blessed to grow up in..You took your first steps at this house, learned to swim at this house, spent countless hours outdoors in the snow and sun at this house. It will always have a piece of your heart and a part of you really wishes you could raise your family in this same house.

Although I could tell you a million things to do better or maybe differently, I won't. Because you have a great life, telling you to go back and do something differently could change your story. God is continuing to do great things in you and your family and sometimes learning the things that matter the most take tackling some mountains.

By the way you have the cutest daughter that you could have ever dreamed of. She is so smart and hilarious. Just wait till you look into her BIG blue eyes and kiss those squeezable cheeks and feel the most content you have ever felt, EVER.
You have an amazing life and a story that is not even close to being finished. Keep trusting God and doing the best you can everyday.

25 Year Old Sarah
My H.S. bestie Jenna and I

Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday Favorites: Aug 12 Edition

Hey all! Tonight husband and I are heading out to Kierland Commons w/ Joya. We're going to try out True Foods for dinner, and let JJ unleash all of her 2 year old energy at the splash pad. After that (if I have my way) we'll probably wonder around aimlessly at Barnes and Noble, and finish the night off w/ some nice cold Fro Yo...Sounds like the best plan ever... 

Anyhow I just started a series where I share all my favorite random things on Fridays.. Here's a look at some more awesomeness..

This is one of my favorite pictures of my amazingly beautiful daughter..Could you just eat her up or what?! Those cheeks are just begging to be kissed...

Ahh Fall the thought of it makes me sigh. It is beyond hot around these parts. Not like a little bit, but more like an "Oh my gosh I think I am melting!" hot. But the thought of fall gets me through... and it's coming up (kinda)!  In AZ it may not feel like it until late October.. For all the rest of ya's its super close, so break out the hot tea and your fave pair o' boots!

Favorite New Album: Mat Kearney Young Love- He is a musical genius. Ships In The Night proves it. Listen and love it.

 Fix for a bad day: Cake Pops and should try it sometime...

Favorite Board Game.. Umm no brainer!

Favorite "Keep Calm" saying...

 Happy Weekending to you and yours ;)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

What I Read...and Loved

I'm kinda a book worm. I am usually reading about 3 books at a time, which is sort of a testament to my inner assessment that I very well may have A.D.D.. Sometimes I finish all 3 and other times I don't and move on to the next batch. I am sure of this though, I'm obsessed with words. Books, songs, poetry a heartfelt compliment- to me there's a sort of art in articulation that is used to express something that resonates deep inside of you. Something that others in turn can relate to..(I sound like I work for Hallmark) but really words are great (especially Words with Friends).

Well that was a nice little tangent. Anyways to the point....

This Summer I was blown away by one book in particular and it was the one pictured below. You gotta read it and then we can have this really long and in depth conversation about it, then we can cry and (side) hug. I personally had goose bumps through out the entire book and finished it in one sitting... If you find yourself having any interest/curiosity in heaven what so ever its most def. for you.

I also just finished this one which I will give an honorable mention to. Its light hearted and inspiring. You might fancy it.. Or maybe you'll think its boring. One thing is for sure, it makes me wanna clear out all my clutter and start a book club.

Now the question remains, what should I read next my dears?

Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday Favorites: First Edition

On that note, I thought I would start a new series featuring my favorite things every Friday. I figured this is something that would keep me more accountable in actually posting something to my blog and also aide in inspiration thus stirring creativity, which we all know is the cure all to the writers block (that I'm currently suffering from)... Anywhoo take a looksie for yo' self.

90's TV Character:

Floral Arrangement:
This gal.

Ombre Hair
I liked this so much I decided I had to have it and now I do..

Celeb Fashion Guru
 Ms Nicole Richie.

Favorite Random Fact
This guy.

Sitting right here in Greece...Doing nothing at all but enjoying the view. Fancy.

And with that I am signing off! Hope you all have a great weekend! XO

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Extremely Grateful...

As I'm sitting in my room tonight, thinking back on the day and all of its defining moments. I can't help but think.. "Woah! I'm really truly blessed!". I mean, usually I feel pretty good about my life and the way that it's turning out. But sometimes when you take some time to really focus in on the good stuff, it hits you hard. For example, I started thinking how about how faithful God is and how His prescence is SO real. Thats about the time I cauldn't help but get this really gooberish smile and decide I wanted to write this blog. This is also when I seem to forget about those 5 or maybe 10 extra pounds that aggrevate the heck out of me and I don't seem to mind all the little messes I have yet to pick up after a fun night enjoying Dora Legos w/ my daughter. They stop looking like messes and they start looking a lot more like memories that I'll have FOREVER. Which lead me to think of the whole glass scenario and is it half empty or half full? This is when I realized that my life and all that it consists of is really just about how I decide to interpret things....

I love that as I type this right now my husband is in the next room in the word and writing a teaching he'll deliver at church tomorrow.. I brag about the man a lot on here but just to keep it real, he is not perfect. Gasp! I know its true. Sometimes he farts and pulls the covers over my head (dutch oven anyone?), he also has a tendency to stare at my lady lumps during serious conversations, and he can't seem to find the dang laundry hamper! I digress... But all the things I asked God for are there! Really they are, and that makes me see the truth that God really does delight in giving us the desire of our heart just like my fave scripture of all times says Ps37:4. Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart!

Also my daughter Joya turned 2 years old today. She is sooo crazy cute and funny just so you know... Anyways, this kind of a land mark tends to make you think back, and during this time of reflection coming to the realization of WOW God's hand was leading us through this twisty maze of life to get us exactly to the place of destiny that we are in right now! He is willing and able all he asks for is your trust. I could attest to SO many ways God has worked on our behalf financially, health wise, protection wise etc- not to mention all the things we will never even know he protected us from.. He is as alive today as He was when he rose Lazurus from the dead, healed the sick, turned water into wine, calmed the storm, fed the multitudes etc- Believe it! And have confidence that he wants you to put your trust in Him so he can work blessings on your behalf...He's like a really good GPS system, but instead of you typing in the address he takes you exactly where you never knew you needed to be and you're standing there thinking- This is exactly what I never knew I always wanted... His voice wouldn't be like that annoying lady that I sometimes yell at though...I think it would probably sound something like David Hasselhoff, okay totally kidding.

Okay before you start yellin out things like Hallelujah! Preach it! or Tweet that! Im gonna get off this little PC and go eat a popsicle cause its hot in Arizona.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Summer Lovin'

Here is what I am LOVIN' on this Summer...
There are these two little girls that share an obsession for getting into mischief and watching Yo Gabba on the Princess couch... Meet Joya's adorable cousin and my little niece Audrey.

These two are destined to be besties for many reasons. One being they are related and less than a year apart. But mainly because they have already been known to show up at family functions wearing the same outfit (I know, how embarrassing! BUT great minds tend to think alike..)

Numero dos has gotta be pool time for obvious reasons...mainly because its like a trillion degrees outside and Joya has found a new love for water rings. Its so cute to see her chillaxin on one and feeling like she is in the big girl club... PS- We finally got her to keep her sunglasses on ;) still working on any type of hair accessory, but making progress... Here are a couple pictures I snapped of her during the 30 second period in which she managed to keep her bow on her head during dinner at Tia Rosa's w/ daddy and I the other night... Lets just take a moment to admire them...Shall we?
funny faces :P
I'm gonna have to make a generalization on this next one... But I gotta say I am loving so much all the relationships God has blessed me with! This Summer is definitely on its way to being the best one in a while...minus the blazing heat.

My new friend and shopping partner Alexa

Cute Hubby and I

Joya Gwyn and their daddy's

Old Friends that are always there!
Soooo what have you guys been up to this Summer??! Hopefully my next post will be coming to you from cooler weather since we are heading to Reno for the 4th! Stay tuned....