Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Birthday Wish List!!!

So my Birthday is coming up. Yep, September 3rd I will be 26 years old. I am applying my wrinkle cream and spf daily just in case you were wondering...

My husband keeps asking me things like, "So what do you really want for your bday?" When in all actuality the question should probably be, What don't I want? I think I name like five different things every day that I've had my eye on!

I really try my hardest to avoid being materialistic, but during Joya's nap time you might just find me online shopping. Maybe more like online window shopping, cause the truth is I RARELY purchase anything via the internet. I usually just add it to my shopping cart and that gives me just the adrenaline rush I need apparently..
Anyhow, I thought I would show you some of my Birthday present prospects and maybe you can help me decide (I'm horrible w/ decisions btw..)

Take a looksie won't ya?!

From top left corner we have:

World Market's Coffee Victoria Chaise Lounge
Anthropologie's Molten Blouse
Michael Kors Tortoise Cat eye glasses
Lucky Brand cross body bag
Gap 1969 curvy jeans
Classic Black Blazer
Amazon Kindle
Toms Tweed Wedges

I know I didn't hold back on that list. Sad to think that's the short version. I'm like a bratty little kid on Santa's lap!

Truth be told I would be more than okay with dinner, a good conversation followed by a laugh out loud kind of movie...and maybe a back massage ;)

Thanks for reading my loves!!


  1. Definitely the Kindle and the bag! :) So cute! I want a Kindle so bad. Happy early birthday!

  2. I just turned 26 yesterday! It's not so bad :) I think you should go with the Toms for sure!

  3. so glad I'm not the only one!! I'm always like, "well if you really want to could get me this, or this, or this..." lol

  4. I love those Toms tweed wedges! Adorable. I just found your blog and I love it! New follower alert :)

  5. You would look so cute in these clothes, can see the bag slung over your shoulder and the shades ON! (Don't forget your Viva Glam!) I can also picture either of us sitting on the chaise reading the kindle - those would be my top picks! Happy Birthday MONTH please!

  6. Love this list :) Love your blog! Your followers button is showing up (darn blogger!) So I will use the one at the top left.