Tuesday, August 2, 2011

What I Read...and Loved

I'm kinda a book worm. I am usually reading about 3 books at a time, which is sort of a testament to my inner assessment that I very well may have A.D.D.. Sometimes I finish all 3 and other times I don't and move on to the next batch. I am sure of this though, I'm obsessed with words. Books, songs, poetry a heartfelt compliment- to me there's a sort of art in articulation that is used to express something that resonates deep inside of you. Something that others in turn can relate to..(I sound like I work for Hallmark) but really words are great (especially Words with Friends).

Well that was a nice little tangent. Anyways to the point....

This Summer I was blown away by one book in particular and it was the one pictured below. You gotta read it and then we can have this really long and in depth conversation about it, then we can cry and (side) hug. I personally had goose bumps through out the entire book and finished it in one sitting... If you find yourself having any interest/curiosity in heaven what so ever its most def. for you.

I also just finished this one which I will give an honorable mention to. Its light hearted and inspiring. You might fancy it.. Or maybe you'll think its boring. One thing is for sure, it makes me wanna clear out all my clutter and start a book club.

Now the question remains, what should I read next my dears?

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  1. I love it when we read the same things. That doesn't happen often because we like different things, and mostly because I haven't spent enough time reading of late! HOWEVER - that has changed! I am reading The Happiness Project, thanks to you leaving it here. :) It inspires me in my "clutter stuckness"! I read half of Heaven is for Real the other night and MADE myself put it down so I could sleep before 3 a.m.! So easy to read, captivating story telling and I know it's true! As I read more I will share my faves with you as you are always so kind to do for me.

    Oh, here is my favorite phrase from this blog - "to me there's a sort of art in articulation that is used to express something that resonates deep inside of you". I totally agree and you expressed it well. I am thankful for a dil who has and appreciates this gift.

    Happy reading!