Sunday, August 14, 2011

Dear 16 Year Old Sarah...

Dear 16 Year Old Sarah,

Where do I start? I mean, how do you get through to a girl who thinks she has it all figured out?

You are a dreamer. The only problem is you do most of your dreaming in class when you really should be listening!

You really don't care much for studying. In fact, the new Fijian exchange student boy does ALL of your algebra homework for you. Later on you'll really wish that you had realized the value of applying yourself academically and putting in the hard work to get what you want.

Your biggest interest is your High School boyfriend who will unfortunately give you your first taste of a  broken heart. It will get broken again but don't cry too much, the hurt will cause you to find true strength and acceptance in God not man. Soon enough you will meet your husband who is more than what you could have ever prayed for. His name is Tai, he loves you unconditionally and he is a HOTTIE!

-Don't use curse words, they aren't becoming at all.
-Listen more than you speak.
-Money in fact,does not grow on trees!
-Be nicer to your mom! One day you'll be older too and won't wanna hear how "embarrassing" you are ALL.THE.TIME. Cherish her. She is an amazing lady.
-Don't pout when your dad pulls up in your Mercury Sable on your 16th bday. Be grateful. Hug him and say thank you.
-Don't be so concerned with being liked. Defend what you believe.
- Abercrombie & Fitch is not the only place to buy clothes.
- Do not use Sun In.
- Do not go tanning everyday!
- Speak with confidence..
-Seek out the good in everyone you meet.
-Take more risks.
- Sign up for track.

When you're 25 you'll still remember the notebooks you filled up with a good friend writing back and forth  through out the entire school year..filling the pages with your dreams, desires and all the details of the current status of you and your already taken crush.

You'll look back and realize how naive you were about the world and all the things in it. You lived in Disney Land back in those days, and how you wish you could go back- ignorance is most definitely bliss...

You'll remember all the times you cried over the mean things girls do to eachother, but on the same note you'll also remember all the laughs you had with those very same girls. Like the times you would dance like crazy all around your friend Emily's room and watch scary movies in her attic....

You'll miss your old house, the one with the huge porch, big pond and pool you were so blessed to grow up in..You took your first steps at this house, learned to swim at this house, spent countless hours outdoors in the snow and sun at this house. It will always have a piece of your heart and a part of you really wishes you could raise your family in this same house.

Although I could tell you a million things to do better or maybe differently, I won't. Because you have a great life, telling you to go back and do something differently could change your story. God is continuing to do great things in you and your family and sometimes learning the things that matter the most take tackling some mountains.

By the way you have the cutest daughter that you could have ever dreamed of. She is so smart and hilarious. Just wait till you look into her BIG blue eyes and kiss those squeezable cheeks and feel the most content you have ever felt, EVER.
You have an amazing life and a story that is not even close to being finished. Keep trusting God and doing the best you can everyday.

25 Year Old Sarah
My H.S. bestie Jenna and I


  1. Aw, this is a great post. I would say a few of those same things to myself...especially the part about the boyfriend! I wish I knew then what I know now... but I guess it's all part of growing up, right?