Thursday, September 15, 2011

Pinterest Addiction

Is time you have enjoyed wasting really wasted time? If it is then I think I'm in trouble. Because ever since I found Pinterest I guess you could say I've been wasting a teensy bit of time pinning away at things that I probably or definitely can't afford (like Chanel bags) and other things that I am not crafty enough to make..

Here are some of my fave finds cause I know you care so much! :)

above: swoon worthy closet

vintage Chanel

Love this look for Fall..

Mummy Pumpkin :)

Suitcase night stand..

And there is plenty more where that came from. If you're into DIY projects, interior design, organizational ideas or fashion you'll love this site! Happy Pinning!!



  1. Wow - I was JUST about to make a Pinterest post to include that nightstand! I love it. Pinterest consumes a good portion of my days now!

  2. I too, am addicted to pinterest. LOVE it.

  3. I love pinterest too! I was a little addicted at first, but now I have some self control! lol I wonder how this site is affecting all the hubbies out there? Their honey do lists most be getting a lot longer. :)

  4. Pinterest is just the best! What's the link to your page? Mine is: emoff

  5. I think you should spend more time on facebook posting pictures of my grandaughter and talking to me! LOL!!! Love you, glad you're having fun! Miss you tons! This pumpkin mummy is super cute btw!