Thursday, May 5, 2011

100 Dreams

A couple of the blogs I frequent caught my attention when they posted an entry listing 100 things they dream of experiencing or accomplishing throughout their lives. It got my mind going, and I couldn't help but challenge myself to create my own list. So here it is a list of dreams and desires. It is my hope I will get to cross off every single one of these bad boys. From the outrageous to the courageous to the silly and the simple. These are my dreams.

1. Ice skate in Central Park at Christmas
2. Learn to knit
3.Run a marathon
4. Host Thanksgiving dinner at my house
5. Learn to drive a stick shift
6. Learn Italian
7. Go to Italy
8. Adopt a child
9. See the Suns win a NBA Championship
10. Write an award winning song
11. Write a good book. One that will sell millions preferably.
12. Raise children that love Jesus.
13. Travel to Brazil on a mission trip
14. Back pack through Europe w/ my cute hubby...
15. Go to Africa on a Missions trip w/ my family
16. Lead worship w/ my hubby in front of thousands if not millions of people.
17. Read an entire book in one day
18. Create a life
19. Start a blog other women can relate to
20. Vacation in Hawaii
21. Host a bible study
22. Buy a vacation home in Cali
23. Grow old and gray w/ Tai Navares..
24. Learn to make cake pops as good as my sisters!
25. Learn Portuguese
25. Go back to Brazil on a missions trip as a translator
26. Take my husband to see my home town and get a Mike and Rosy's sandwhich
27. Have lunch w/ Kelly Rippa
28. Learn to walk properly in heels
29. Become extremely organized
30. Have a home that has hard wood floors throughout the entire house.
31. Have a REAL Christmas tree
32. Learn to wrap Christmas presents as good as my SIL Nicole...
33. Journal religiously everyday for 1 year..
34. Own a Louis Vuitton luggage set (what can I say I'm sick of Samsonite!)
35. Write a romantic comedy screen play
36. Develop a post baby 6 pack
37. Stay in bed one entire day w/ my hubby and watch back to back Friends Episodes
38. Write a song w/ Taylor Swift
39. Take Joya to Disneyland
40. See Joya get into the college of her dreams
41. See Adele perform live
42. Meet Sheryl Crow
43. Take a dance class
44. Learn how to cook Mexican food like a REAL Mexican
45. Do a Napa Valley Wine Tour
46. Write a book that I will leave my children full of my life experiences, prayers for them and wisdom
47. Go to Ireland and drink a Guiness off the tap
48. Write a Childrens book
49. Have my own garden
50. Read every book ever written by CS Lewis
51. Own a miniature pig
52. Paint a painting being taught by a Bob Ross video
53. Instruct a yoga class
54. Learn to surf
55. Learn to play the piano
56. Beat my husband at Words W/ Friends
57. Learn to golf
58. Beat my husband at Mario Kart
59. Fly a kite on the beach
60. design my own beach cruiser
61. Learn to cook as good as my momma and poppa
62. Take a photograohy class
63. Start a photography blog
67. Memorize crazy amounts of scripture
68. Bring people to know the Lord
69. Become prompt w/ thank you cards
70. Take cooking classes w/ my hubby
71.See a Broadway Show in NYC
72. Watch an entire episode of House w/ out googling a medical symptom
73. Build a tree house in our back yard
74. Learn Hebrew
75. Work in a flower shop
76. Create a stained glass murial
77. Take Joya to The American Girl head quarters in Chicago
78. Go to Chicago
79. Eat at Portillos in Chicago
80. Take a trip w/ my girl friends for my 30th Bday
81. Have a date w/ my husband where we stroll through Central Park on a horse drawn carraige
82. See Dave Matthews in concert again
83. Discover a band before they even become noticed
84. own a coffee house on the beach that show cases local musicians and artists
85. Own a legit camera
86. Learn to shoot a gun
87. Go to the Super Bowl
88. Go back to see my old house I grew up in and fish while I'm there
89. Go to Fashion week in NYC
90. Create a successful fashion blog
91. Go Fly Fishing
92. Learn to moon walk
93. Learn all the choreography to Thriller
94. Volunteer at a Womens Shelter
95. Learn to like my dog Nash more
96. Have a flower garden
97. Watch A Little Princess w/ Joya
98. Create my own jewlery line
99. anonomously pay for someones dinner
100. See myself as more than capable to accomplish all of the above. See myself and others in the eyes of Jesus.

And there you have it people!

Now I am dying to know something that is on your list....


  1. What a great list!! When you are working on #26 let me know! :)

  2. Great list!!!! Ive been to the American girl doll store in chicago, and portillos is amazing! this is kimmy by the way! :)

  3. Awww hi Kimmy!! And Jess I will most def. let you know! I'm hoping its sooner than later ;)

  4. Hi Sarah! I ran across your page because I was updating my blog and i was looking for a Jeremiah 29:11 image. The one on your blog came up and I used it! lol. its so funny i was reading your list as i'm listening to adele, thinking how weird is from one Christian to another...HI! Funny how we come across things in life..... have a great week!