Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thursday Night Rebels

Tonight we let Little Miss J stay up way past her 7pm bed time (Early? Mmmhmm. Neccessary? Mmhmm!). We decided to let her call the shots as to where we would be spending our night out as a fam. She did a great job choosing! Her picks were tire swings and cheese burgers! So that is what happened! Personally I think we'll be letting her pick more often :)

Here is a pic of her and Tai at her favorite spot!! Next stop was In N Out. Good job Joya! I'm going to practice teaching you the words "Chandler Mall" for next time daddy asks!


  1. OH such a CUTE post! Great idea to let Joya call the shots - pretty safe at this age. :) The picture is so sweet. Look at her hair!! She is a little doll baby! Thanks for posting this - love to hear and see the little details that make up your lives. Keep writing Cake Pop!

  2. i love this! and that's the cutest little picture EVER