Wednesday, May 4, 2011

San Diego!!!!

When your hubby has 2 jobs and you're running after a little munchkin 24/7 you gotta get your romance on and get outa dodge... So we did! And I gotta say, I fall in love w/ Cali more each time I'm there. The only thing missing on this trip was my favorite little person in the whole universe, Miss Joya. She stayed w/ her Momo and PaPa and we missed her terribly. Honestly I didn't know I could miss a person as much as I missed her. The smile on her face when we got out of the car upon arriving home was a moment I will never forget!  I could write about her all day but that is not what this post is about for once.
Tai and I have not been away on vacay just the 2 of us since our honeymoon! That was nearly 4 years ago! To say a baby free trip was in order is an understatement. We stayed in Mission Beach at the Hyatt Regency Mission Bay 3 of the days and 2 days were spent w/ family in San Clemente and also Carlsbad. Here's a peek inside the best trip EVER (minus all the snot rags, but that story will have to wait!)

I've decided my favorite beach in SD is Coronado, its the cleanest and its such a cute little town.

I was enamored w/ the view from our room. We were on the bay. Absolutely GORGEOUS!

Tai is afraid of birds. I became aware of this during our trip, this being one of the moments I captured that serves as evidence ;) since he won't own up!! 

Mary showed up in Encinitas while we were in SD. Some unidentified artist created this BEAUTIFUL stained glass mosiac and glued it to the side of a concrete bridge. There is a debate going on whether she will stay. I vote yes! I like her :)

Sea World. I think the sea turtles had to be my faves!

2 of my most favorite things in life. San Clemente Pier and my cute hubby!

Yay for good times w/ people you love! Xoxox

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  1. So awesome! I love that you can tell your story here :) So glad you had a getaway - they are really necessary and obviously fun. If you need a Nanny next time, I am perfect for the job. Lol! Love you little family!