Saturday, May 19, 2012

what's in my purse?

I feel naked without my purse. It's a total survival kit for the world that awaits me the minute I step out the door. I'm sure most girls feel me on this one.

Today, I'm going to show you what I carry with me on the go.. ;)


Don't judge me for my really old & ugly coin purse. It's old and ugly. I already said that, but it's worth repeating. Just appreciate that I keep it real around these parts. ;)

So, as you can see I like to make sure my lips will be nice and glossy out in the wilderness. My favorite gloss I have ever had in my purse is that pink one above that says O-GLOSS. It's by Smashbox & it makes your lips the most perfect shade of pink ever. We also have Burts Bees chap stick bc it's oh so soothing, a Clinique lip gloss in 04 Sunset for a really pretty gold lip. Last but not least in the round tube is Korres Lip Butter in Plum bc sometimes I like having purpley-ish lips that feel like butter. You would like it too, I'm almost positive.

Also, I keep mascara w/ me on almost all occasions. The one pictured is called BAD gal lash. It was a gift from Sephora's customer reward program. How sweet.

Sunglasses. A must for an AZ girl. I am in love with my Kate Spade Cat Eye glasses, but I am a sucker for aviators. The ones pictured are from Francesca's and were $14 which makes me like them all the more!

Now I should mention I take my keys with me bc where could I go w/o them?!  I like to have my Bible on hand so that is usually in there as well.

What else??

Headphones for my phone.
A hair tie.
& a pen.

The only thing not pictured is my iphone bc that's what I am currently using to take pictures.. My cute little Joya kidnapped my camera and now, it's just a little bit broken.

So what's in your purse these days??! I have to know!

Monday, May 7, 2012

when you stop & take a look.

When you stop & take a look.. you might just realize you are in the midst of this beautiful thing called life.

Get caught up in each moment, because it's short & sweet.

Love to you!


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Thing About Your 20's...

When I was in my teens envisioning my 20's, I sort of envisioned days spent at Central Perk with my good friend Phoebe or something. We'd have glamourous jobs that we got paid a ton of money to do, that didn't require much time away from the company of our friends, or the coffee shop. 

When I wasn't entertaining that vision, I was entertaining one of being married with kids. Surely, we would have at least 3 by the time I reached 26. We would buy a 5 bedroom house that sat on a lot of land in the perfect family oriented community accompanied by large shady trees and white picket fences. I would drive my dream mommy car. My husband's job was fancy, and he loved it. In my vision he comes home every night singing because his day was just amazing. We would take family mission trips annually to wherever we felt led by the Lord. When I wasn't attending dance recitals and soccer games, or out working hard in the missions field of course, I would be a writer for some sort of popular publication. I love my job because I do what I love, the pay is great and I work from home.

The hard thing about your 20's is letting go of all the things you envisioned and letting God write the story that he has envisioned. The reality of it all is, rarely in your 20's do you have it all figured out and your still finding your stride in this thing called life. 

I've asked around and have been told by people whose opinions I value immensely that their 20's were some of their most trying times. As they got older and wiser life actually became better. They found they were ridded of insecurities concerning the opinions of others, comparing lives etc. They became more rooted in thier communities, and they became more financially established.

Right about now all of these things sound lovely. As we find ourselves in a quarter life crisis of another transition period in finances etc- We are smack dab in the middle of the growing pains that are sometimes accompanied by your 20's and Phoebe and the coffee house are nowhere in sight! 

Instead God has put us on this journey. A path that only he knows the glory to follow. I am excited about this path, even when it scares the holy guacamole out of me. I wouldn't have it any other way.  I am so thankful that He is the answer to our every question & insecurity. Without him the rest of my 20's might be spent in our local and loco looney bin.  You think I am kidding don't you?! 

Looking forward to fine lines & wrinkles!
Yours truly,