Saturday, May 19, 2012

what's in my purse?

I feel naked without my purse. It's a total survival kit for the world that awaits me the minute I step out the door. I'm sure most girls feel me on this one.

Today, I'm going to show you what I carry with me on the go.. ;)


Don't judge me for my really old & ugly coin purse. It's old and ugly. I already said that, but it's worth repeating. Just appreciate that I keep it real around these parts. ;)

So, as you can see I like to make sure my lips will be nice and glossy out in the wilderness. My favorite gloss I have ever had in my purse is that pink one above that says O-GLOSS. It's by Smashbox & it makes your lips the most perfect shade of pink ever. We also have Burts Bees chap stick bc it's oh so soothing, a Clinique lip gloss in 04 Sunset for a really pretty gold lip. Last but not least in the round tube is Korres Lip Butter in Plum bc sometimes I like having purpley-ish lips that feel like butter. You would like it too, I'm almost positive.

Also, I keep mascara w/ me on almost all occasions. The one pictured is called BAD gal lash. It was a gift from Sephora's customer reward program. How sweet.

Sunglasses. A must for an AZ girl. I am in love with my Kate Spade Cat Eye glasses, but I am a sucker for aviators. The ones pictured are from Francesca's and were $14 which makes me like them all the more!

Now I should mention I take my keys with me bc where could I go w/o them?!  I like to have my Bible on hand so that is usually in there as well.

What else??

Headphones for my phone.
A hair tie.
& a pen.

The only thing not pictured is my iphone bc that's what I am currently using to take pictures.. My cute little Joya kidnapped my camera and now, it's just a little bit broken.

So what's in your purse these days??! I have to know!

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