Friday, September 9, 2011

Bed Time Routine

I just realized the other night as I was putting my daughter to bed that the whole process was kinda comical.

This little chica has us SO wrapped around her finger in so many ways, it makes me laugh. Baby Wise, Super Nanny, etc would probably not approve of our bed time routine. In which my daughter has numerous requests that are met by yours truly :)
Here is how it usually goes:

Bath Time
Brush Teeth
Read Books

Then in her crib she goes, and this is where the requests start.. I'll give you the short version since I am an advocate of utilizing my blog readers time wisely.. :)

Joya says "Mommy cover me up!"  I put her blanket on her... "No the other way!" I turn the blanket on its other side and she is now content.

"Sing me twinkle twinkle!" I do and before I even get to the end she interrupts "Now sing me patty cake!" I continue "Okay, patty cake patty cake..." She interjects just as the song is ending, "Sing me Jesus loves me" Aye Aye Captain! "Jesus loves me this I know..." 

"Say my prayers!" I go on to pray over our family and then she pipes up  "Pray for MoMo's coffee, Papas coffee and Meme's coffee!" Okay I go on "Lord please bless all the coffee... okay sweet girl, good night! I love you!" I head to turn on the fan and off the lights when she pops up from her perfectly tucked in state. " Mommy nose kisses" I walk back and do our nose kisses (favorite part of the process). "Okay now cover me back up!" I cover her up and wait.. "No the other way!" I turn the blanket (that is the same on both sides) over and she is happy!

I'm actually quite curious as to where I would draw the line. If it were me and I wanted to test my moms limits I'd probably start asking her to jump up and down on one foot, do a cartwheel etc..who knows I just might oblige for the cutest girl IN.THE.WORLD!


  1. OH MY GOODNESS this is SOOOOOOOO precious!!!! ALL of IT! Sarah these little seasons are priceless and believe it or not, we do tend to forget some of these details as they get older. It's so great that you have them recorded to read to her later. OH THE CUTENESS FACTOR IS OFF THE CHARTS!!

  2. So cute. My daughter does the 'other way' with her blanket also!! Nice to know she's not the only one!

  3. That is so precious! And definitely not bad in my book. I say cherish these happy little moments with her! I can't wait to do that when my little girl gets here :)

  4. So amazing :) My little one, who is 2, loves to ask for just ooooonnneeee more kiss and hug, one more prayer, one more book, and he has this goofy grin on his face that tells me he knows JUST what he's doing! You can't say no to that =)

    Great post :)


  5. I think you sound like the best mom in the world. I LOVE your routine. So sweet. Every moment of it. She is precious.