Monday, June 20, 2011

Summer Lovin'

Here is what I am LOVIN' on this Summer...
There are these two little girls that share an obsession for getting into mischief and watching Yo Gabba on the Princess couch... Meet Joya's adorable cousin and my little niece Audrey.

These two are destined to be besties for many reasons. One being they are related and less than a year apart. But mainly because they have already been known to show up at family functions wearing the same outfit (I know, how embarrassing! BUT great minds tend to think alike..)

Numero dos has gotta be pool time for obvious reasons...mainly because its like a trillion degrees outside and Joya has found a new love for water rings. Its so cute to see her chillaxin on one and feeling like she is in the big girl club... PS- We finally got her to keep her sunglasses on ;) still working on any type of hair accessory, but making progress... Here are a couple pictures I snapped of her during the 30 second period in which she managed to keep her bow on her head during dinner at Tia Rosa's w/ daddy and I the other night... Lets just take a moment to admire them...Shall we?
funny faces :P
I'm gonna have to make a generalization on this next one... But I gotta say I am loving so much all the relationships God has blessed me with! This Summer is definitely on its way to being the best one in a while...minus the blazing heat.

My new friend and shopping partner Alexa

Cute Hubby and I

Joya Gwyn and their daddy's

Old Friends that are always there!
Soooo what have you guys been up to this Summer??! Hopefully my next post will be coming to you from cooler weather since we are heading to Reno for the 4th! Stay tuned....

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