Saturday, July 9, 2011

Extremely Grateful...

As I'm sitting in my room tonight, thinking back on the day and all of its defining moments. I can't help but think.. "Woah! I'm really truly blessed!". I mean, usually I feel pretty good about my life and the way that it's turning out. But sometimes when you take some time to really focus in on the good stuff, it hits you hard. For example, I started thinking how about how faithful God is and how His prescence is SO real. Thats about the time I cauldn't help but get this really gooberish smile and decide I wanted to write this blog. This is also when I seem to forget about those 5 or maybe 10 extra pounds that aggrevate the heck out of me and I don't seem to mind all the little messes I have yet to pick up after a fun night enjoying Dora Legos w/ my daughter. They stop looking like messes and they start looking a lot more like memories that I'll have FOREVER. Which lead me to think of the whole glass scenario and is it half empty or half full? This is when I realized that my life and all that it consists of is really just about how I decide to interpret things....

I love that as I type this right now my husband is in the next room in the word and writing a teaching he'll deliver at church tomorrow.. I brag about the man a lot on here but just to keep it real, he is not perfect. Gasp! I know its true. Sometimes he farts and pulls the covers over my head (dutch oven anyone?), he also has a tendency to stare at my lady lumps during serious conversations, and he can't seem to find the dang laundry hamper! I digress... But all the things I asked God for are there! Really they are, and that makes me see the truth that God really does delight in giving us the desire of our heart just like my fave scripture of all times says Ps37:4. Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart!

Also my daughter Joya turned 2 years old today. She is sooo crazy cute and funny just so you know... Anyways, this kind of a land mark tends to make you think back, and during this time of reflection coming to the realization of WOW God's hand was leading us through this twisty maze of life to get us exactly to the place of destiny that we are in right now! He is willing and able all he asks for is your trust. I could attest to SO many ways God has worked on our behalf financially, health wise, protection wise etc- not to mention all the things we will never even know he protected us from.. He is as alive today as He was when he rose Lazurus from the dead, healed the sick, turned water into wine, calmed the storm, fed the multitudes etc- Believe it! And have confidence that he wants you to put your trust in Him so he can work blessings on your behalf...He's like a really good GPS system, but instead of you typing in the address he takes you exactly where you never knew you needed to be and you're standing there thinking- This is exactly what I never knew I always wanted... His voice wouldn't be like that annoying lady that I sometimes yell at though...I think it would probably sound something like David Hasselhoff, okay totally kidding.

Okay before you start yellin out things like Hallelujah! Preach it! or Tweet that! Im gonna get off this little PC and go eat a popsicle cause its hot in Arizona.

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  1. Oh Sarah this is my favorite, favorite blog so far! Insightful, sweet, real, so laugh out loud funny, and then you go deep! I totally agree with your message here and am blessed that you "get it". I love how you step back and see the goodness of God and are able to articulate that to others. I love you a gazillion times a bazillion times infinity! Hope your popsicle was delish!