Sunday, November 13, 2011

Mommy Confessions

Have you ever thought to yourself, surely I must be the only mom who has ever felt this way... Or if any other mom knew I just did that, I wouldn't be invited to play group next week..Well I'm here to tell you that you're probably not alone.

I used to think I was a mommy reject with all of my quirks, until I got a little more open with some other mommas out there and then realized, Okay I am pretty normal. Well kind of. 

For example my daughter Joya and I color together a lot, well sometimes she likes to reach over to my picture and give it her own little personal touch..cute right? Some might think so, not me..nope not at all. I think I must be harboring some type of resentment from kindergarten or something... I mean this innocent little gesture irritates me like nothing else. Of course I smile and kindly direct her little hand back onto her paper (geez little girl don't waste my flavor)..but anyways I remember thinking I was nuts for this until I met my friend Alexa who also has a daughter Joya's age, and guess what the same thing drives her nuts!  I then mentioned it to my mom and what do you know..I used to drive her nuts the same way, ahh the memories.

Ok a couple more weird mom things I am guilty of:
1.eggos for dinner
2.Not liking the park (don't write me hate mail)
3.Bribing obedience w/ candy in public settings..
4.Telling her that when it rains Jesus is crying bc you were naughty. (totally kidding on that one)

 Okay now 'fess know you serve eggos for dinner sometimes..


  1. Don't forget you also told her to behave because "Auntie Cole spanks really hard!"

    "Well I didn't want to waste your flavor!" (Says Vicki to Celena, lol)

  2. Guilty of the eggos here! Especially bcuz brendan is the pickiest. eater. EVER!

  3. New reader :) Cute blog and adorable family :)

  4. Ok- i'm going to admit I get a little weird when it comes to my daughter being crafty. I kinda instruct her to do things 'perfectly' instead of letting her be "creative' in her own way- omg, I said it! I am getting SO much better though- I swear!