Thursday, March 22, 2012

Dog days are over. For now at least..

Today we shipped our dog to Florida to move to his new home. 
Now before you think I'm a heartless dog hater.. Let me explain.
Nash was our baby..

-Nash as just a baby yoda...and me
Note: I do have clothes on just wearing a tube top!-

until we actually had a real baby.

Then Mr.Nash became a dog. A dog who started to act out a little here and there. 

In the past year, we had noticed that he was starting to become more aggravated with the little ones around. Which in turn made me more aggravated with him. He began snapping at Joya's little friends here and there. One night he bit Joya's bestie Gwyn on the hand it wasn't just a snip it was a bite broken skin and all. My heart sank. My husband and I knew in that moment, what we had to do. It was a long time coming actually.

Nash is a dog meant for adults, and in our pre-parent days we didn't really think to consider what kind of dog would be best suited for young kids. It's just one of those hind sight is 20/20 deals that we all experience in this journey through out life. 

So our dog days are over, for at least another year or two. But around this blog I'm famous for eating my words. So don't quote me on that one.. :)However I can promise that the next dog will be from one of the kid friendliest breeds known to man.

our last night walk w/ Nash

We know that his quality of life will be much better and that the littles God has entrusted to us won't have to be worry about dog bites.. So at the end of the day, its a win/win..

Did you ever have to part with a pet??
Lets chat ;)


  1. I had to gave my dog to my parents for a 1 yr because he got very stressed out and started to bite my toddler. After a year we got him back. We actually just got him back couple weeks ago. But 2 yrs ago we had to get rid of our family dog because my parents could no longer have him. Dropping him off at the Humane Society was heart breaking because I didn't know if someone would adopt him and come to find the day after we put him he got adopted by a famiy. They said his breed was very odd and they wanted him. I still miss him when I see pictures. :(

  2. You did the right thing. A child is always more important than a dog, and it's not okay to have a dog in your home that can't be trusted not to bite when you have a small child. Hope your dog loves his new home!

  3. love the new blog look! I'm sorry to hear about your dog, but remember its for the best!

  4. @Jazmine That's awesome u get a second chance with your dog! Hope it goes well :) It's hard to see a dog you love go but so relieving to know they are being well cared for..

    @Leah thanks for the well wishes!! We just heard back from the guy who got him and so far so good!!

    @tiarenie Glad you like the new layout.. I could use some help in the design department but this will do for a while right??

  5. That's so sad, but it was a good choice! You have a beautiful family, so glad we found your blog! If you have a chance check us out!

    Sarah & Kristina

  6. Awww. Sorry honey! I'm new here, and I just adore your blog! I'm off to stalk the rest of your site... Have a wonderful weekend, sugar! xo