Thursday, March 8, 2012

the desire to create..

(Disclaimer: this blog is sort of mushy..I don't do mushy very well, but uhm..just read it anyway..okay?!)

I know in each of us that God has put the passion and need to create. As I sit typing I can't help but to feel more fulfilled as every word I type is creating this little blog post we have here.

Being a stay at home mom has been a blessing to me in so many ways. I cannot express them all in one post alone, but it has taught me sacrifice. I can still take on the world with this desire at hand to create, but under certain stipulations. That's why there is so much passion behind this blog. It is an outlet that I have to create during the season that I find myself in. 

For example, Today has been full of puddles of pee.. Due to the fact that it's Miss Joya's first day of big girl undies.. I had to wonder why she peed all over the living room floor while watching the Super Readers this morning. She just looked at me (oh so matter of factly) stating "Well I thought I had my pull up on!!?"..(hands in a question gesture) Like, duh mom why else would I put myself in this puddle of gross? 

Anyways this blog is my connection to other mamas that are experiencing similar things. Whether it be cleaning up puddles of urine, to suffering from panic/anxiety disorders, to finding faith and hearing God in the middle of life's trying times. To the little things like finding just the right outfit for that special date night etc-..

 I am so utterly thankful that God has fulfilled so many things through this little blog of mine. From my need to create to my need to relate...(so cheesy I just rhymed, I know.)

Anyways I just had to share my gratitude for each of you that take the time to hear my heart through this blog. It means more than you will EVER know. You rock the partayy.

 Thank you! (side hug)



  1. hey doll! i saw you over on a friends page and wanted to say i love your blog!

    am now your newest follower!
    would be delighted if you could follow back ?

    hugs, xo!

  2. I know that I usually handle the mushy stuff in the fam, but I am really glad you shared this. So relevant. I can't wait for you to get "discovered" in the blogosphere, you will help and encourage so many people. Thanks for creating for us. And from one Mom to another, thanks for cleaning up puddles of gross. It gets better!

  3. Beautiful thoughts and beautiful blog. I know that this is one of the reasons why I blog, also.

  4. Your blogs are so fun, thanks for sharing with us Sarah. ;)

  5. Thanks guys! So grateful for you!! XO