Monday, March 5, 2012

a peek at this past week ;)

This week had its trying moments. Looking back I'm happy that we were able to find the good in everyday, all while holding on to the one thing that is always secure when nothing else is. So grateful for the love of God! And the people that he blesses us with on a daily basis!
A kite that unfortunately fell apart very soon after this picture was snapped :(

Joya's new shades, top & purse: H&M
I sort of got bangs.
My husband always bringing home things that are a moment on the lips forever on the hips :)
(not for him and his inferno metabolism!! )
Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels. Repeat mantra... 
Joya making Auntie Leenie's bday card extra special ;)

Now I gotta know, How was your week?!!


  1. I love it when you hit the hight points of your week like this. Joya is sooo beautiful it takes my breath away. That kite was fancier than I was thinking it would be - too bad it bit the dust. However, I heard that Joya thought it was all pretty hilarious! I need a donut now - again. Thanks alot Tai. Hello Kitty striking the pose is amazing and your bangs? Love them! Lastly I would like to commend you on your awesome attitude in the midst of challenges. You inspire me in many ways.

  2. those donuts look soo yummy yummy although yes, from the lips to the hips :/