Saturday, August 18, 2012

Crazy Saturday Nights..

This is just about the craziest Saturday night that I have had in a long while. It had to be documented!

These are what you call temporary lip tattoo's.. It's supposed to look like leopard print, but on me I think it comes off as having lip fungus... That's my cute friend Lisa below. We have been pulling these types of shenanigans for quite some time..
One facebook friend reminded me of an example..
We used to work at a church together Lisa and I. Sometimes we would attempt fasting together.. needless to say, we got creative, and made up our own fasting rules.

Some are as follows:

1. Ice cream is allowed bc really, it is the same thing as juice since it's just really sugary milk once it melts in your mouth..

2. You can chew any food you want, but you just can't swallow it.. What does that mean? Chew up that double double and well..spit it out! (So gross, yet so creative)! We may not have survived 3 day fasts w/ out such rules.

Anyways, excuse my little tangent.. this is supposed to be a blog about lip tattoo's.. These are from a company called Violent Lips. Pretty fun if you wanna go all out in da' club.. or even if you (like us) just wanted to sit at home watching tivo looking extra saucy!! Either way.. this is for you!

What did you do this Saturday my friends??!

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