Thursday, April 7, 2011

Confession: I have an inner fat girl...

I have come to the conclusion that all of the blogs I love to follow have something in common. They are transparent. Good or bad they let it all hang out...

appreciate this.

This is what I had hoped to find in reading the blogs of other moms/women. A sense of camaraderie. A feeling that I am not alone in my weirdness.

That's why I have decided to add a new addition to my blog that allows you to see my quirks called Confessions. They are there for you to hopefully laugh at, find that you  relate to and or just nod your head and write me hate mail.. So here is my 1st official confession.

Confession #1

I have an inner fat girl.

Yep you heard it right! I suffer from random (as in frequent) spurts of gluttony. I know my family is nodding their head in agreement, but some of you who don't know me as well may find it hard to believe, as my weight (has increased) but doesn't represent my true inner fat girl. My true inner fat girl would probably be on The Biggest Loser or something. Or best friends w/ Ruby on TLC. We'll give her a name since she is sensitive and doesn't like to be referred to as (whisper here) fat.... We will name her Bertha. I know my mom is on to the ways of Bertha. I think Bertha has her concerned as she nonchalantly suggested Weight Watchers while watching me (or Bertha) scarf down pancakes at the Good Egg this Monday. I thought it sounded like a good suggestion but I'm not sure how Bertha would cooperate with this... She would be grounded from ice cream and cake pops. And that makes her unhappy.

I mean this girl who lives deep inside of me eats like food is running away and will never be found again.
 She sometimes eats 2 dinners and ice cream (maybe she did this tonight), and is contemplating joining a support group for those seriously addicted to chips and salsa.

Lock up your pantry she could be coming to a kitchen near you!!!
How can a beast this ferocious be tamed??

Here is a look at Bertha at her finest...

Her BFF...carbs
Stealing from the mouth of Babes
Hubby Hold on to your pizza!


  1. Hey Chubs...don't be too hard on yourself, I LOVE me some good cookin and baked treats! We should get our fat girls together and chow...(mine is more of an outter fat

  2. Haaaaaahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaa!!! YOU are SO FUNNY!!!!! I love you so much! I cannot wipe the grin off my face! I've been sitting here at Mandi's table laughing. I thought I was recovering and then I saw the captions on your pictures!! Bahahahahaha! One of my favorite lines, "this girl who lives deep inside of me eats like food is running away and will never be found again." I also liked the (whisper here) and (maybe she did this tonight). LOL!!!! I get you, so I get this; however many peeps may not understand as they gaze upon your slim and beautiful bod! It's O.K. though....because, well, you've got Jesus and He gets it all! Hahaha. Thanks for brightening my day with your hilarity!!!

  3. you haven't changed at all since middle school....still hilarious!! I love reading your blog so keep writing ;)

  4. Thanks Jess I need the encouragement so I keep it up!! Your blog is so cute too!! Glad I know you have it now so I can keep updated on your life!! XO

  5. I am a couple days late but oh well :) so do not have an inner fat have an inner girl who likes food!! there is a big difference in my opinion lol. thus why you keep your super cute little body. but whichever it is, i have the same inner problem as well. if i remember correctly we both shared this love of food/inner fat girls way back when we would frequent mike and rosy's or fridays for spinach dip after schoolor kone korner or your mom's yummy snacks!! :) your blogs are so cute girl...keep it up! you have a gift to make people smile by just being you!

  6. Ahh thanks Jenna! I miss you and Mike and Rosy...haha We need to talk soon!