Monday, April 9, 2012

Dear Joya

Dear Joya,

For the past hour or so I have been listening to the many songs you have come up with while falling to sleep. You are quite the lyricist these days. Keep cranking them out bc your dad and I just so happen to adore the many songs you serenade us with throughout the day. My favorite is still: "When I start crying..I feel like a baby!!" Just so classic.

You will be 3 in July, and I can't believe how time really does fly. You have enriched our lives in so many ways. I know that you are growing up more and more because now when your daddy and I stare at you after we're all done tucking you in at night you look up at us and say things like, "This is getting weird, you can go now." (true story). The truth is you will probably catch us staring at you while you sleep into your teenage years, because we are just so incredibly enamored with the love we have for you.

You have a passion for life that so many envy. You find so much joy in the little things, examples being buckets and shovels from the dollar store, and play dough. Pretty soon I'm sure you will inherit your mommy's love for shopping, so I am savoring every smile those dollar sand toys bring to your cute little face. 

For as long as you have been talking, you have wanted to be a drummer. Your dad and I will always do our best to help you accomplish your deepest desires..even if it means a really noisy house accompanied by migraine headaches :)

I honestly can't even remember what life was like before having you. I hope you know how much I adore you and love you.. I hope you know that you have helped reveal to me the kind of love God possesses for us all. A kind of love where you would willingly lay down your life for the benefit of another. The kind of love that keeps you awake at night interceding & praying for God's protection and provision for your precious little life. 

One of my many desires for you is that from a young age you would know who you are in Jesus, and let that truth mold your life. 

I know I am imperfect and will fail you at times, but I hope you see my heart and intentions and I pray that what I can't give you that you receive from Jesus. 

I love you with all of my heart.



  1. This is beautiful. And you are a beautiful mama. I can't wait to look into my child's eyes and know such extreme love. Someday day :)

  2. Hello beautiful daughter in love. I have read this again and again. It is my favorite. What a loving, heartfelt, poignant letter to your precious Joya Isabella. It makes me cry. I feel your intense Mommy-love as I read it, a love so familiar to me. What a gift God has given us in allowing us to care for His children. It is a treasure beyond description, isn't it? Thank you, Sarah, for being the woman God created you to be, and for loving our son and beautiful Joya so well. Your family shall rise up and call you blessed.