Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Little Things...

I Must say, I love to talk life over tea. Today, if you happened to stop by to chat it up, I would make you try this certain kind of tea I am currently obsessed with.

I really like sharing the things I love, this tea would make no exception. If I love something, you will know about it and I will beg you to try it so I have someone to share my enthusiasm with..  So like it or not you are drinking my black pineapple tea today. You got it?! (Jk- a little...)

I like to think I'm decent at holding a conversation. A good time with people you share life with doesn't have to purely rely on the ability to keep talking though, in fact I really appreciate the people I can have comfortable silences with. I hate awkward silences, but I love a good un-awkward silence. In my eyes, it shows a sense of maturity in relationships..What do you think?? (Let's reflect on this point by having a not so awkward silence together.... that was nice)

We would talk about this past weekend, and how Joya hosted her first little slumber party. They slept in sleeping bags on her bedroom floor, and watched Snow White. It had to be one of the cutest things ever when I had to interrupt their giggle fest to tell them to go to sleep! I remember like yesterday my mom having to come in and say that to my friends and I. I've said it before, but it's worth repeating..Time flies.

I might have to know what you think about my new make up look..since it hasn't really changed much since senior year of High School (which happens to have been nearly 10 years ago!) I am the Crypt keeper, I know...
I like to call it, winged liner or the cat eye look... you might not think it's a big deal but let me assure you..it is to me.
Do you see the little wing action? It's subtle, but it's there!
Which brings me to my next thing I think you should try, especially if your hands get all shakey from your caffeine intake like mine do. It might just be the most easy peasy liquid eyeliner there ever was. It's called Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner (pictured below). It's the best 7 bucks I've spent in awhile.

So, what are you into these days?



  1. How fun!! Love the eyeliner,,and Joya is so adorable with her little party friend. I have not tried the cat eyeliner myself..yet...but have always wanted to,,,I find myself looking at youtube videos of different make-up applications and EASY hair-do ideas. I love watching those things...I really want to learn some cool braids next. :) xo

  2. Thx Sarah! Have u tried the fish tail braid yet?! Super cute & easy.. I think the best tutorial I found for that was one Lauren Conrad did.. u should google it!

    1. I will FOR SURE...Thank you!! I was just thinking about braids again this morning. Got to DO IT!! haha

  3. i love china mist tea! have you tried the watermelon one? so ridiculously delicious. p.s. you are gorgeous!

  4. Thank you for the sweet compliment! I haven't tried the watermelon tea, it sounds so good though.. Is it a black tea??

  5. New follower here!! You are adorable! I look forward to reading far far back into your blog and keeping up. I Just got liquid eyeliner yesterday and watched Youtube videos on how to do the cat eye look. Lets just say my first few attempts were noooot good! I will keep practicing though, hopefully i will get better at it as i think its super cute.