Monday, July 30, 2012

Unedited Monday Thoughts...

Here's a compilation of my thoughts over the past few days:

I really want need some lululemon pants. Tried a few (hundred) pairs on over the weekend and now I know what I have been missing out on all this time. My apologies to our bank account.

We are FINALLY getting a little vaca time in this Summer after all!! Carlsbad here we come! Counting down the days, minutes, seconds until Aug 8!

It's been really rainy here, which I LOVE. It's one of the best most monsoony (can that pass as a word?) Summers I have experienced in all of my 9 years in AZ. Loving. It.

While cleaning out my closet I have noticed that 1. I need to clean it out a lot more often and 2. I own a lot of the same style of lace tops. Do you ever buy the same piece over and over w/ out realizing it? Or do I just have issues?! One thing is for sure, I am a sucker for lace.

Other thoughts that need no explanation are as follows:




I need a pedicure.

Also, Is this not the cutest picture you ever did see? We got caught in the rain after eating some delicious pizza from Grimaldi's with our friends the other night..

Happy Monday to all!




  1. Adorable picture!!!!

    JeNeal @

  2. SUPER cute! Love your blogs Sarah! And thanks to YOU I started blogging too:) I need your help to teach me a few things, haha!