Monday, February 13, 2012

why i blog.

So you have a blog? Cool. What, so you like post pictures online and stuff? Write about your recent trip to California. That's awesome. Sweet. 

I've had this conversation numerous times. I usually just smile and nod. I mean, I like taking and uploading pictures & telling people about my trips with the rest of them,


This little blog has been going on for over a year now, and I hope that with its existence you have maybe experienced with me something more than little pictures & all that jazz. 

My vision and my hope for this particular blog is to get you to laugh and enjoy where you are right now. Regardless of your circumstances, amongst all the chaos of life in its imperfect state, and in your imperfect state. Finding the beauty in that.

I want this to be a place where you can come knowing you are not alone in your mommy imperfections. I hope that in your day full of dishes piled up, screaming kids, smelly hair and burnt dinners that you could maybe, just maybe laugh at yourself. --I make fun of myself ALL. THE. TIME. and I find that these little imperfections and mishaps (that occur quite frequently) are simply, part of my charm (or so I like to tell myself)..

There is something to be said about being open and allowing yourself to be human. Enjoying where you are, striving to be better all the time. BUT knowing that even if this mom looks/seems way more put together than you and what not.. even she has hard days. Her kids have pooped on her at one point or another too. (JK..but for reals) We are all in this poopy mess of being moms together!

The main way I pray that God is using my blog is by getting us to a place where we can see that no matter what it is that you may be struggling with, God can use you. He can use you right now as you are in this moment. Don't wait till you have it all together, because you never will. (That's just the hard truth my friends)

You have a voice that needs to be heard. Someone needs to hear what you have to say. They need to hear your story. You could be used to set someone free for Gods glory. Think about it. It's pretty amazing stuff.

So...That is, mainly why I blog.

To show that your value remains infinite no matter where you are or no matter how messy your life is. Let your pain,& imperfections humble you so you can minister to others. This is what the word speaks of when it says- What the enemy means for harm God can turn around for His glory.

The enemy wants you to remain silent. He wants you ashamed of yourself. Jesus, wants you to know that you are redeemed and justified by Him alone. HIM. ALONE. How you fall short is null and void. Christ has spoken on your behalf. Truly knowing this WILL break the cycle of sin in your life. SHAME will keep you bound to sin. That's why the word says there is NOW NO condemnation in Christ. This will set the captives free.

Its powerful stuff. 

You are beyond valuable, never let anyone LIE to you and tell you different. Messy life and all, you are chosen to make a difference!



  1. Good post Sarah! Keep up the blogging, it is fun to read your posts and you are right, it is encouraging to see other moms post openly about what they are going through.

  2. perfectly said... thank you! my husband and i have been having LOTS of condos lately about Facebook, twitter, blogs, etc. sometimes it seems that people put "who they want to be" on their social media. i appreciate honesty and transparency. and at the end of the day...every thing we are doing should be glorifying to god and showing his love. you do that well. thank you!

  3. There are some very powerful statements in this blog Sarah, I love it. I am always glad to see you encourage others to use their voice, to tell them of their infinite value. You are a great encourager. Your writing is real. You inspire and make us laugh all at once. Thanks for your love and transparency.