Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Lets Catch Up!

I have been an absent blogger for nearly 2 whole months! Where does the time go people??!

We have been having a great (although very VERY hot) Summer. We've been hanging out with our church's youth groups (Jr.High & HighSchool) visiting water parks, having some crayyyzee parties that also involve drenching one another in water.. Right now in AZ you can choose being inside in the AC or being outside submerged in water, somehow someway. Anyways, hanging with the youth and sharing Jesus has been AMAZING. Even better than I had even anticipated.

Then there is our little Princess girl Joya, who last Monday turned 3! This has stirred up quite a bit of emotion. Our baby is not really a baby anymore, and she is sure to remind me of this daily. "Hey mom I am 3 now, I am not your baby anymore...silly mommy huh?!" She keeps us as putty in her hands and makes us laugh really hard while she's at it. We were driving home just the other night, when I looked back to see her face full of contemplation.. "Mom, when I was a baby in your tummy, I pooped in there right?!" Seriously, she was really authentically curious. And now this topic of conversation is one that she likes to bring up frequently. Such a deep thinker that little Joya.

As for us, a few months ago I wrote about some repositioning God was doing, and the resistance on my part during the process. I remember praying and praying for the day where things would look how I see them to be ideal or "normal" (whatever that means). During this time I am so thankful to have caught revelation that sometimes, when things go awry God is simply reminding us of our consistant need for Him on a daily basis. When I am weak, then I am strong! In these times our full reliance on Him positions us for breakthrough after breakthrough. And because of that, I wouldn't trade any hardship I (or we as a family) have endured. God is faithful through it all, and we are blessed!

Hope you guys are having a great Summer!! I hope to be posting a heck of a lot more than once every other month..



  1. It's so hard to give in and simply allow God to do his thing - I completely relate! Great post - glad you're catching up!

  2. It's so adorable how much Joya looks like you!!

  3. So happy to see you posting again! Always are refreshing, funny, insightful,and encouraging Sarah. Love and hugs to the Royal Family of Princess Joya.