Monday, August 20, 2012

Leaps Of Faith...

"He changes times, and seasons..."- Daniel 2:21

Changes, changes, changes! This life, or at least mine has been so full of them, that I find it almost comical. I am however grateful that they remind me of the one and only thing that does not change. Jesus.. which makes all the circumstantial changes bearable..

That being said, 10 days from now we are packing up our lives here in Gilbert, AZ and moving to Carlsbad, CA. I would just like to give God major props bc he picked just the right place to put us, for our liking. (Psalm 37:4 "Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart!")

But just because Cali has always been somewhere I'd like to call home, that doesn't mean there aren't obstacles, insecurities and all of the like that come along with this move. It's definitely a huge leap of faith for us, but we feel God there beckoning us forward. So although logistically staying put here would seem the safe bet, we are taking a risk. All we know for sure is, if God is in it, it's a risk worth taking.

I remember as Tai and I were praying about this decision he asked me if I had peace about accepting the position with Daybreak Church. The first thing out of my mouth was, "I know that I have NO peace in my heart to forgo the offer." In that moment I knew we had to go, step out and trust God. Also in that moment, I was flooded with several different emotions. Fear, insecurity, excitement, anxiousness, one second praising God, the next second questioning.. And while sleeping on it remaining in prayer.. that really amazing, profound, peace came along side of me that was unmistakable and its reigned in my heart for the days that have followed now.

Perfect peace that surpasses reason. The perfect peace of God.

And so here we are packing up, 10 days out from a new chapter. Excited, nervous, but mostly excited. Expecting God to show up and meet our every need according to His riches and Glory! (Phil.4:19)

Really amped to share the testimonies that follow!!

Pray for us!

California here we come!!


Have you ever stepped out in faith & obedience and watched God sort out all of the details?! I wanna hear! Let's chat about that!


  1. I am SO excited! Such an answer to MY prayers. =) love you sista.

  2. Hope you are liking California so far! I know I wouldn't want to live anywhere else! I've been loving you and Summers' videos on youtube! Good luck with your new ventures! :) We should collab sometime! Blessings!