Tuesday, January 18, 2011


This week my independent little princess learned something pretty valuable (especially since she is just like me, in the sense that she is a bottomless pit). I am proud to announce that Joya is now feeding herself w/ utensils!!

I know to some of you it doesn't seem like that big of a deal, but please take into consideration that up until this day, an hour a day everyday for the past 18 months has consisted of me placing anything that was not a finger food in this childs mouth! Which means I just gained an extra hour a day! That is 7 hours a week and just in case you were curious (I was) that is exactly 365 hours a year. What will I do with the extra time I now have on my hands? The possibilities are endless....


Joya feeding me! Yumm :P

A sense of accomplishment....
As you can see she was also insistant on feeding me! I think I'll sit back and let her return the favor for a while! I could get used to this service...


  1. Love your blog..keep it up, i think its going to be very entertaining!! Joya is just beautiful and tiny like her mommy!! xoxo

  2. HOOORAY for a landmark accomplishment!!! WOW! Our BIG GIRL! Your story is well written and fun! The pictures are awesome - so sweet that she wants to feed Mommy. Now SHE can give Buggy bites. Ha ha. Thank you for posting this and the bike picture - we love to see her!